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Joel D. Lenk, P.G.

Joel Lenk is our western North Carolina Branch Project Manager and head of daily operations.Mr. Lenk is a licensed professional geologist in North Carolina with 15 years of experience working as an environmental consultant with highly respected firms.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from East Carolina University in 1997.  He has extensive experience working in mountain and piedmont riverine environments, and is familiar with State and Federal law and policy associated with stream systems, wetlands, and groundwater.

Mr. Lenk’s professional experience includes environmental restoration, compensatory mitigation and banking, wetland delineation and jurisdictional determination, environmental permitting, soil, water, and gas sampling, and assessment and remediation of soil and groundwater.  Additionally, he has provided expert witness testimony related to potential impacts to ecological resources for projects in western North Carolina.

Joel, a native of western North Carolina, resides with his wife Laurie near Fairview, Buncombe County, on the grounds of Camp Woodson.Joel is the caretaker of this 250 acre+ property that is owned by the Presbytery of western North Carolina and is primarily utilized for youth programs.  Joel is a lifetime soccer player, snowboarder and motorsports enthusiast.

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