Quible & Associates, P.C.


Civil engineering and technical design has been the core of the Quible tradition since F. Richard Quible opened the doors in 1959.  Coastal land development demands an experienced, cutting edge and prompt client oriented service.  Quible embodies these attributes and continues to provide up to date training and computer software and hardware applications to our staff.  New development, Redevelopment, Municipal, Conservation, stormwater BMP retrofits for existing developments and beyond, Quible is the solution. 

Engineering Services Include: 

Site Planning

Wastewater Design/Permitting

Wastewater Pumping Station and Force Main Design

Stormwater Management Design/Permitting

Water Distribution and Treatment Design

• Hydraulic Modeling

Water Booster Pump Stations

Water Storage

Grading, Drainage & Earthwork Design

DOT Permitting

Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control BMP's

NPDES Permitting

Residential Design & Permitting

Commercial Design and Permitting

Roadway and Pavement Design

Traffic Control Design

Pedestrian and Bicycle Trails

Streetscape & Downtown Revitalization

FAA Permitting/Design

School Renovation 

Swimming Pool Design & Permitting 

Construction Management & Inspection Services

Contract Administration