Quible & Associates, P.C.

Gates County Ecosystem Restoration

Quible was asked to prepare and implement a restoration plan that involved restoring 1,300 linear feet of Upper Coastal Plain Stream and just more than two acres of both pocosin and riparian Section 404 wetlands.  The formal Restoration Plan was prepared for and approved by the USACE and the NC DWQ and involved reconnecting the stream to its floodplain and installing large woody debris and creating riffles and runs, snags and overhangs to recreate habitat.  Most of the work was achieved using on site materials and grading.  Restored wetlands and stream banks were planted with native flowers, herbs and hardwood tree species.

All of the earth work was completed just 10 days short of Hurricane Irene!  The stream responded well to the downpour (more than eight inches in 24 hour period) associated with Irene.  The restoration is a complete success!

We are entering our first year of monitoring and everyone is
pleased with the efforts and the results.